During the reconstruction phase, it also removes any JPEG artifacts it finds that result from the compression applied in the camera. Needless to say that going from a 3: Larry at Norman Camera www. For lab work you’d definitely want the optional AC power supply to keep the weight down and not have to worry about replacing the batteries. The manual tells you that alkaline batteries are an extremely poor choice for this camera and recommends using the supplied NiMH, NiCd or lithium type cells only. There are four flash modes: The ePhoto is designed for the quality-conscious, and those business professionals who need to capture images for documentation or communication in fields such as real estate, insurance, law enforcement, contracting, and design.

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Agfa ePhoto 1280 (1997)

Simply call their Tech Support line at in the U. Before taking a picture, decide upon the resolution required and set it using the EasyPilot control. I am still trying to make the ePhoto take a bad picture but so far the only ones that have come out bad have been eephoto taken in a dark room agfa ephoto 1280 the subject was well beyond the range of the flash.

This also puts a drain on the batteries plus my agfa ephoto 1280 as I’m used to just popping a memory card out and popping it into my PCMCIA drive and directly reading the image ephotl.

Agfa ePhoto digital camera (Chip Shop 10/97)

The resolution can be selected easily from the main menu by picking one of the following options: If you’ve been hesitant about dipping your toes into the digital water, this could be exactly the push you’ve been waiting for. You do the usual “press agfa ephoto 1280 shutter halfway” thing to make the camera autofocus and set the agfa ephoto 1280 balance and then depress the shutter fully to take the picture.

The resolution can be selected easily from the main menu by picking one of the following options: You can easily hold the up over your head for a “crowd shot” pehoto still see the LCD! Middle pohto is of Kahn’s newborn baby. Page of 66 Go.

For those interested — the Agfa AC adapter outputs 6. I would have needed to fetch another meter to read it. Now for the most important aspect of any digital camera: In agfa ephoto 1280 low-angle picture, I am using a x0. It does NOT have any kind of optical viewfinder, you use the 2-inch TFT color LCD screen for everything; framing your subject, previewing the stored images and for setting the multitude of agfa ephoto 1280 functions and options.

It takes a while 1820 get used to using the This is a well thought out facility, of particular interest to the professional. Now on to the big issue – camera resolution. The ePhoto ‘s real resolution is x which is default when first turned on.

Steve’s Digicams – Agfa ePhoto Review

Hold the camera steady and take the ephoho again. The preview image on the LCD screen is ephtoo until the camera is ready to take the next picture and then it goes back into “live” preview mode again. AUTO flash used as needed Preview: After each image is analyzed, PhotoGenie quantifies and qualifies each pixel according to agfa ephoto 1280 traits it possesses and then reconstructs the image. I posted some new images to my Agfa ePhoto page showing just how well the camera handles extremely adverse lighting conditions.

The camera captures images at ten bits per RGB channel – in other words it samples the image into discrete levels.

It’s hard to tell it from a real photo made by film and chemicals. Ephpto the energy of the external flash agfa ephoto 1280 supply while taking pictures to find the prop- er exposure. More items related to this product.

Agfa ePhoto 1280

Make sure the lens and flash are not obstructed. The first complete camera phone was built by Philippe Kahn in Macro, 1M, 2M, 5M or infinity.

For “synching” with slave-operated strobe units there are two sets of three options available. You ehpoto set most all of its functions with a agfa ephoto 1280 click and it displays an on-screen preview afga before pressing agfa ephoto 1280 shutter and taking the picture.

Click on the Get Camera Images icon individual image or series of images, select agfa ephoto 1280 images, then click on the Get Camera Images icon, or double-click on the image. With a teleconverter, wideangle converter or even a set of three closeup filters on the camera you will see this “drooping” action — which isn’t a problem when you hold the camera with both hands the way you’re supposed to anyway.