After extracting the downloaded exe-file, the extracted files are all missing the last last character in their file extensions, e. Installed new drivers and connected printer to computer. Glad to be of help! Is this something to do with drivers? Hope this helps and thanks for reading! Im not sure I would have tried a vista driver.

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Hi, I have HP Designjet 42in printer. The Print Server was irelevant.

Solved: Old driver update problem – HP Support Forum –

designjet 500 pcl3gui 64 bit First suggestion is to look at your server requirements and if you need an upgrade soon perhaps just upgrade now and the problem will probably go. I have 3USB 3. The computer seems to think that it is printing a test no error messages ;cl3gui but nothing actually happens.

Thanks new Friend, test page went good, now trying the rest. I am about to hook up designjeh HP design jet to my new Windows 7 computer, and glad I came across this info.

Can some one help with a driver that will work please. But oh so clever!

The solution in regards to the HP requires that it is connected to your network via a printer server like this one http: As to HP like all tech companies they tend to forget their old products…. Any help would be much appreciated.

However the district just upgraded to Win7. I had a big big problem installing the software in windows 7 64bit. On the page with the print pcl3gi page button there is another button next to it called printing preferences, click on this and it should bring up a dialog deisgnjet stating that the printer is now connected.

Thanks for posting this solution! The driver also appears to support: Your information was spot designjet 500 pcl3gui 64 bit and it worked for me right off!

Old driver update problem

The really relevant part for me apart from the correct driver was: Any idea about the file extension problems? Had to change the port over to the usb port during the install. Designjet 500 pcl3gui 64 bit can be re-added by double-clicking it in the network environment, or by rebooting the whole PC. Welcome to the Forum! Any comments are appreciate.

Thanks, this really assisted me in getting my plotter working on win7. I just bought you a drink!

Hope this helps and thanks for reading! Glad to be of help! Certainly it insists on one edge being against the guide so cannot fool it both sides but not sure about the other.

And this drivers don’t have HP Designjet 42in printer drivers. Designjet 500 pcl3gui 64 bit try to print that test page. I have it run through a serial to USB converter and that driver seems to install fine.

HP Designjet Driver and Software Series – PRINTER DRIVER DOWNLOAD

I have found the problem. Again if this post is not clear, or you require designjet 500 pcl3gui 64 bit help, just let me know. I am wondering if there is any merit in buying the mm I think that was it and then telling the printer it is mm. Archived Topics Read Only. Hope that helped a little?