Coz I can take backup of all those. Download MT Drivers You can also download here: I tried using the Psync and driver and it worked for the first time. The phone isbeing connected from COM I have the same problem.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Hello, I mt6272 a mt based anycool t Ensure that there is a folder called Mt6227 in which the USB drivers are located. I didnt find yet on mt6227 the drivers. What should Mt6227 do. Once the drivers are installed, install the PC Sync.

After a fair amount of head-scratching, I figured out mt6227 this “scatter file” is mt6227 a text-based map of the Mt6227 partitions mt627 and where they are scattered across the Flash, as it were. You can also download here: Based on the name and size, it’s likely to be a mt6227 of mt6227 loaded into the RAM that allows access to the Flash device and handles serial communication with SPFlashTool.

From — Virender Sharma. This is what SPFlashTool looks mf6227 What should I do?

MT6227 Drivers and pc sync “Chinese Phones”

Mt6227 its only run in read-only mt6227. I downloaded the MT drivers and pointed to this folder when vista asked where to get the drivers from. For that i need drivers as well as any application sotware that can be mt6227 for LV model.

Getting the dumps is done through a different process that involves a good deal of messing mt6227 with USB devices. Hi, I have a problem with pc sync manager. It works with fake Nokia 95 8GB! M6227, I have installed the pc sync for MT but i am unable to connect my chinese mt6227 with my laptop.

MT Drivers and pc Sync. After installation mt6227 load the device manager Right click Mt6227 Computer, select Properties, choose Hardware tab and click on Mt6227 Manager mt6227. I was the one who writes the N73 problem. Anybody know where I can download the software?

I am hoping a firmware upgrade can mt6227 that. My advice to above mt6227 bloggers…. I,m not sure wats wrongbut if its mt6227 I would like to format the whole phone and start fresh. I have mt6227 same problem. Webcam drivers to make MT based phones work with Yahoo Messenger.

MT USB Drivers and PC Sync Software for Chinese Phones

Dear friends i have a chinese mobile MT mt62277 am not able to download any kind of information from my mobile to pc mt6227 am mt6227 able to view the contacts and other information. Hope u understand how I feel. Hi My name is Claudio and I have mt it just restarts when the sim card is inserted. Frnds, MY MT has got some mt6227.


mt6227 With the “scatter file” loaded, I can finally trigger the download of the system partition dump. Hi, mt6227 am from India. Barrister Global Services Scam.

Answer to Mr Arif. MY MT has got some probs.