Jan 11, 2. If you change the Ship-To country, some or all of the items in your cart may not ship to the new destination. Transparent overdrive with full-range sound and loads of dynamics. Gilwater , patriot7 , songtalk and 1 other person like this. Just like to get some more details to see if it’s worth getting it modified. I cannot say enough good things about this pedal, sent mine in to have it modded by keeley. Thank you so much for existing!

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May 15, 9. Smoother and more realistic sounding on top of all that! If you are new to Robert Keeley Electronics Sound, try this pedal.

I owned the phat ones and didn’t get much out of them. I promise you the first copy off the press.

We only repair pedals that have been made or modded by us, or pedals that are going to receive our mod while they are getting repaired. This pedal is tone perfection, even with the gain cranked all the way your guitars tone is not compermised at all.

There is a youtube video out there comparing the 2. I was originally in love with the way the stock pedal sounded, after two of my friends told me i should check into having it modded I finally sucked it up and forked over modddd money.

Later on we released the Luna Overdrive which won a Gear of the Year keeley modded boss bd 2 blues in England and that pedal had further refinements made to it and became the Katana Blue Drive. Okay, I get that it’s “phat,” but is the other position on the toggle the stock setting?

With Super Phat Mod in an old black face style logo and the metal flake clear sparkle keeoey gold we feel it will look incredible in any rig. Keeley did a nice job cleaning this pedal up, as it sounds much better than stock.

You can control all the drive you want by setting the BD-2 Gain high and using your volume control to instantly dial in the rest! If you enjoy what we do here at Pedal of the Day, please consider helping us keep the site going strong!

Super Phat Mod

With the gain down and the level up, it will kick a Marshall or Mesa Boogie Tube head into a powerful, natural overdrive. Is there any reason to go for one over the others? Mar 3, 7. Don’t rule out the Analogman BD2.

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver (Keeley Electronics Phat Mod) – Pedal of the Day

BurgundyMistMay 25, You have a great family at Keeley Electronics, Robert. It was far clearer than a stock BD Well, after all these years Craighton Hale stumbled upon a Toshiba device moddev had the magic. I can get the Waza Craft slightly cheaper, the Katana slightly more expensive. Music Education For Children. Folk Instrument Buying Guides.


May 25, 5. If you like the blues drivers sound or just like the sound that only comes from a keeley modded boss bd 2 blues driven amp being forced into overdrive you will not regret buying this pedal!

We’re sorry-this item is unavailable. Then you could blhes out exactly what all the changes to the stock pedal are.

Same goes for all the posts I read here. And I have to booss that, by far, you guys rock the most! The clean boost sounds slightly like the katana and cranked its keeley modded boss bd 2 blues. I know this is a well covered subject here, but the problem is I can’t find anything very specific about this mod. Jun 11, First of all, It’s quiet.