I also opened the laptop looking for suspicius circuits, but everything seemed normal. What is wrong with my laptop? One hour after that it was turned on and surprise! I have a Toshiba p35 laptop and one day when i started it up the windows screen which has a black backround was red i bent my laptop a little and it fixed the problem but when i let go it goes back. Wait until the laptop boots to the desktop and take a look at the battery status in the lower right corner same as Windows.

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Other than being darker than the rest of the screen it displays toshiba satellite m105-s3041. If the same defect appears on both screens, most likely you have a problem with the video card.

Batterie ordinateur portable

Toshiba satellite m105-s3041 suggestions as to what my problem is? If you have two RAM modules installed remove them one by one and test the laptop with each one. Where can I find step by step manuals on how to disassemble all laptops so I can replace motherboards?

Last week I had to repair Toshiba Satellite P30 toshiba satellite m105-s3041 a backlight problem. November 4, at 6: Laptop battery light does not work. You cannot fix this problem at home and there is no other way. February 7, at 8: I cannot even imagine how I managed these last 7 months without the display functioning.

Toshiba Laptop Batteries from Canada.

Toshiba satellite m105-s3041 23, at 7: It could be a major issue with the LCD screen or with the video card. If it is shot, does the whole motherboard need to be replaced or only graphics card? The first laptop is an Acer Aspire that is dim throughout the boot process but a Toshiba M45 has a good screen for about 10 seconds, flickers and then goes dim. Between motherboard and LCD screen, there is a cables linking them. Total time was approx 4 minutes.

How do you diagonize whether it is the lcd screen or the digitizer that has gone? I toshiba satellite m105-s3041 a Dell Satellitf CPxj.

Batterie ordinateur portable pour Toshiba Satellite C | 01

I let it sit over night and then turned it on tsohiba next day and it worked fine. Does anybody have the cause of the vertical lines? A couple of times I have had to jiggle the cord to get it to make a good connection. PanteraLives July 24, I know if that is not toshiba satellite m105-s3041 problem, there is a controller that could be replaced as well toshiba satellite m105-s3041 although I do not believe that is the issue.

Remove toshiba satellite m105-s3041 DVD drive and test the laptop. Video or photos look like color negatives vs. Or do I have to get a new battery? Hi, my laptop DELL m developed a solid 1 inch thick vertical white bar to the right of satellute screen. Color to match laptop: I have a Dell Inspiron I have m105-s0341 Toshiba Satellite AS and it doesnt charge while the lid is up.

All parts inside a laptop are connected to the system board, either directly via a connector mounted on the system board or through toshiba satellite m105-s3041 cable. November 26, at 1: Or have it upside down if even possible.

Can it be repaired? My guess is the connection is bad on the computer.

Fixing bad video on LCD screen

Do you have any suggestions why this toshiba satellite m105-s3041 August 13, at June 25, at Usually manifests itself as two vertical stripes a couple of inches wide and 2 or 3 inches from the left side of the screen.

I have sent the computer to Toshiba twice, the replaced the charger and it worked for another years plus. So I did satelllte the video memory test and it failed. Thanks, i wish to head you soon as Possible, god bless.