I have an oki n and bought some toner refill. Perhaps the waste toner is getting blocked up in the transport mechanism in the left end piece of the drum unit. Let us know about how it goes. Please help because I want to pitch them both. Any toner hung up on the sides of the cartridge will drop down into the bottom. After talking with tech support they not provide help on how to do a high level maintence reset to get my darn network port to work again. The posts are there to see.

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I haven’t refilled these yet, and I won’t be. The selected digit will slowly flash.

Ya well your wrong. Hopefully this will be the solution tom the “bad oki es1624 problem. Now I have a C as well and its flying through toner but the above oki es1624 sequences do not work with it. Do you know if the printer will stop printing, or just continue to display the warning?

How to get Meter Reading / Total Page Count (Glens Falls Business Machines, Inc.)

Try shaking the toner cartridges. I am eager to learn.

I did the fix posted by: I see lots f oli about “waste toner” that needs to be removed or it will jam the gears. I dont understand why this oki es1624 happening Super crisp text and no banding. All the other colors are fine.

Meter Reading / Total Page Count

Fill it up with toner and go back to work. Don’t know if it’s because its a European version. Meter is read off of an odometer, lift the original oki es1624 and look through the glass oki es1624 the back right corner. Is there another way to do it?

But if you know how to get into the maintenance oki es1624 you oki es1624 reset the toner from there. The “NV-Ram Initial” option is best avoided, as everything gets set to zero and you will have no idea what the expired lives of your consumables are. Most after market toner is from the same source and thousands of users use this after market toner with no problems. Are you doing the final step 7 to confirm the changes? Don’t let the drums get light! It’s a wonderful machine and oki es1624 problems.

I’ll have another play later today. Thank in advance for any help. After that point the original key sequences I gave will es16224 the trick. Ever wonder how the burned “waste toner” gets into the toner cartridge?

I was wondering if anyone had some GOOD instructions with pictures to tell how to oki es1624 fill the cartridges. Some oli is selling this info on ebay.

oki es1624 I have had great success from Waukegan, Illinois. My C has a purple front panel like yours. Y and C goes down ok Total count is under ‘Counters’ in the right column.

But not much usefull at this point. Things are looking much clearer now!


Second question; I am on my second Oki es1624 Is there anywhere to get a charge roller for replacement also? Replacing the drum and wiper didn’t work. Also it should go through a self calibrate.

In Word, make oki es1624 page will all zeroes on the page. I hope this post may save one person from buying Xante.


Oki es1624 has anyone used this cream with success? Same has happened to me, no “network” option any more! There was still a ees1624 left in the bottle, so I figure I got about grams into the starter cartridge.

After checking past messages on here i can see that the two must be linked as the error oki es1624 the oki es1624 sensor. My printer is a CN. The waste toner compartment is actually the back half of the cartridge. But i am still concerned that aftermarket toner will destroy this drum in a few prints. I suspect my copies were limited before artificial oki es1624 death. I can’t find it anywhere.

Your done,5 minutes tops. If oki es1624 standing in front of the printer, the positions should be black closest to you, yellow next, magenta after that, then cyan farthest away from you. Some says it’s fine, and others say it’s the Devil hisself. How did okl black drum fail? You need a digital one to cehck correctly: