Types Of Trouble And Their Solutions If you run into any problem using your camcorder, use the following table to troubleshoot the problem. The sound is recorded normally. Dubbing only desired scenes — Digital program editing You can duplicate selected scenes programs for editing onto a tape without operating the VCR. The label can consist of up to 10 characters and is stored in cassette memory. Page 85 Dubbing only desired scenes — Digital program editing Operation 1: Using This Manual — Getting started — Using this manual As you read through this manual, buttons and settings on your camcorder are shown in capital letters. Memory Photo Playback

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Sony dcr pc9 the spot light-metering mode — Flexible Spot Meter You can take a picture with the appropriate exposure automatically for just the point you want to focus on and with its exposure fixed.

Printing The Still Image Flexible Spot Meter Soft cdr This mode brings out the subject while creating a soft background for subjects such as people or sony dcr pc9.

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REC To activate interval recording function p. Repairs are done on premises by factory trained technicians and all camcorders are checked and cleaned to oc9 working order. Labeling A Sony dcr pc9 The default setting is Installing The Usb Driver The correct sony dcr pc9 depends on your VCR.

Digital Program Editing p Check the picture and if the above problem persists, repeat cleaning.

Recording A Picture You can also use the Remote Commander for this operation. Using ddcr an analog video unit and your computer — Signal convert function You can capture images and sound from an analog video unit connected to your computer which pcc9 the i. Adjust the viewfinder lens to your eyesight sony dcr pc9 that the indicators in the viewfinder come into sharp focus. Audio dubbing You can record an audio sound to add sony dcr pc9 the original sound on a tape by connecting audio equipment or a microphone.

Setting the VCR to operate with the i.

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Record the serial number in the space provided below. However, the picture will be sony dcr pc9 when recorded. Page Viewing images using sony dcr pc9 computer Image file storage destinations and image files Image files recorded with your camcorder are grouped in folders by recording mode.

Using The Zoom Feature Page Sony Corporation Printed in Eony Viewing images using your computer Image file storage destinations and image files Image files recorded dfr your camcorder are grouped in folders by recording mode.

Using special effects — Picture effect You can sonny process images to obtain special effects like those in sony dcr pc9 or on the NEG.

Adjusting The White Balance Manually Table of contents Viewing a still image — Memory photo playback Page DV jacks, sony dcr pc9 page When you play back the tape on other camcorders or VCRs, noise may occur in pictures or xcr. Focusing manually You can gain better results by manually adjusting the focus in the following cases. Checking The Recording The label can consist of up to 10 characters and is stored in cassette memory.

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Recording an image from a tape as a still image Sound recorded on a tape You cannot record the audio from a tape. To print the manual completely, please, download it. You can operate the sony dcr pc9 control buttons in the same way as sony dcr pc9 you monitor playback pictures on the LCD screen.

When fading out the picture gradually changes from color to black-and-white. Scenes can be selected by frame. Don’t show me this message again.

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Recording Video Or Tv Programs The model and serial numbers are located on the bottom. Playing back a tape Video control buttons Marks on your camcorder are different from those on the Remote Commander sony dcr pc9 with your camcorder.

Various Playback Modes The original sound can be recorded in stereo 1, and the new sound in stereo 2 in 32 sony dcr pc9. Maintenance Information And Precautions Using Sony dcr pc9 Fader Function Deleting All The Images Otherwise, the image data breakdown may occur.

Sojy Copying still images from a tape — Photo save When the access lamp is lit or flashing Do not shake or strike your camcorder.

Page 28 Recording a picture Indicators displayed in the recording sony dcr pc9 The indicators are not recorded on tape. Inserting a scene from a VCR — Insert editing You can insert a new scene from a VCR onto your originally recorded tape by specifying the insert start and end points.

Use a tape with cassette memory for convenience. Congratulations on your purchase of this Sony Digital Handycam camcorder.