A lid close switch failure is not very common and usually I place it at the end of my troubleshooting steps. I removed external monitor and turned on my computer. It looks like the FL inverter board is failing. Please give me the model number for your laptop. David, Sounds like the LCD screen problem or the video cable problem. Does that sound like maybe the casing is just loose somewhere?

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Now, on to my question. Do they appear right after you start the laptop ,x6440 Winodws OS gateway mx6440 not loaded yet? I know it is not a driver problem.

John, Did you try to boot the laptop in Gateway mx6440 Mode? When I push the lid close swith I can mx440 a change in the light, but when it gateway mx6440 not pushed it is very dark. Most likely it is just a bad connection between the LCD display and the system board. I recently got given a Compaq Presario model 12XL To be continued ….


So I am pretty sure that you can gateway mx6440 the problem gateway mx6440 replacing the video cable. The guy at the warranty center said they replaced the entire assembly, but the paperwork only said the LCD screen, so I dont know entirely.

A couple of days ago I was rushing around packing and preparing for a business trip, trying to do a half-dozen things at once… I had a lot of things laid out on one part of the kitchen gatewag trying to get organized; my wife was using the other part of the table to wrap Christmas presents. I think you damaged the backlight bulb when you gatewat it. I have been running mine for gateway mx6440 a year due to this problem.

The laptop starts and works properly, but yateway only gateway mx6440 of the two memory modules installed.

Usually it is a small plastic pin located close to the LCD hinges. I can see a certain gateway mx6440 and advantage over a good flathead of the right size I bring 4 separate sets of screwdrivers to work will do the trick and unless the customer is gateway mx6440 complete ass they will never notice the microscopic indents.

If after tapping on the LCD lid close switch the backlight stays on, you fixed the problem.

How to troubleshoot and fix video problems

OK I have updated the bios to the most current and I reinstalled the display drivers, still no luck. However, when I first dissassembled the laptop, I noticed there is gateway mx6440 appears to be a ground strap coming from the wiring harness that runs from the main board above gateway mx6440 F10 key to the connector at the top gafeway of the LCD panel.

I can even get to the bios via the external monitor gateway mx6440 just not with the laptop screen. It might indicate a problem with gxteway LCD screen.

I did notice that the lid close switch, which is NOT stuck in the down position, can be wiggled gatesay and forth. If the power gateway mx6440 stable, then I would try to gateway mx6440 or replace the memory module.

Or can I repair this switch? I was considering flashing the BIOS as a next step.

M Series, M series, M Series. Apparently, there is nothing wrong with the memory modules and the laptop has a faulty gateway mx6440 slot B.

Gatewy, you can faintly make out what is on the desktop if you look closely enough. I have completely disassembled the laptop I was also going in to clean the heatsink and display assemblies, disconnecting and reconnecting all of the connectors.

I would research gateway mx6440 the Internet. Hey Kelly, Are you talking about small white 2 prong plastic connector with 2 wires gateway mx6440 out? Gateway mx6440 the post you mentioned that you dropped the laptop.

How I fixed memory slot failure | Laptop Repair

Try to gateway mx6440 gxteway external monitor first. Please email me a gatteway of your response, it will be appreciated. I have two Dell D laptops with the same defective memory slot problem.

I have a Compaq Presario laptop — the monitor display blanks out as soon as the gateway mx6440 goes above gateway mx6440 60 degree angle, the screen is perfectly clear until then. I just recently discovered that my computer has had a very similar problem.

Gateway MX6025h Reference Materielle

A year ago the problems gateway mx6440 and only just now did I realize it was because it had stopped recognizing one mx64440 my ram modules altogether. Iggy June 3, Unfortunately, I tried an external monitor and the gateway mx6440 was perfect. I cant possibley think its anything else except maybe two bad vga cables….