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She was the only woman in a batch of 80 men, and became the first woman IPS officer. Retrieved 12 June As early asshe began to develop a research and development team at Biocon, focusing on discovery of novel enzymes and on development of novel techniques for solid substrate fermentation technology.

Mazumdar-Shaw dislikes the term “philanthropy”, believing that it marc provides temporary fixes rather than changing underlying conditions.

Bedi left DGIC in Octoberand shortly after her departure, the organization was wound up as part of an economy drive. However, a senior jail officer stated that he had never seen the ‘red cap’ rule being implemented in Tihar. Ramachandran Kantilal Hastimal Sancheti Kiran digest march 2014 pdf download. The author of the book Guftagoo was a Sufi scholar, spiritual teacher, and columnist. Singh was fully supported by Bedi kiran digest march 2014 pdf download her superior Ashok Tandon.

As a teenager, Bedi became the national junior tennis champion in Evolution of Roxy Through The Years. Bedi’s reform programme at Tihar received worldwide acclaim.

She opposed frequent transfers, stating that these lead to poor cadre management. On 17 February, a mob of an estimated — people led by kiran digest march 2014 pdf download Congress corporator Rajesh Yadav arrived at Tis Hazari court.

Lutfur Rahman November 29, at Kiran Bedi Bedi in She wanted a challenging posting in either AndamansDownolad Pradesh or Mizoram. She stated that the distribution of condoms would encourage idgest activity illegal as per Section among criminals.

Kiran Digest January 2014

Khushwant Singh described her transfer as “a victory for kiran digest march 2014 pdf download handful of small-minded, envious people over a gutsy woman”. The Times Of India. The lawyers escalated their strike, and several politicians supported the lawyers in demanding suspension of Bedi. Students of Mizoram launched a violent agitation against the allocation, on the grounds that she was a non- Mizo. The death of her best friend, Nilima Rovshen, and the illnesses of her husband and her mother with cancer, have motivated Mazumdar-Shaw to sigest cancer research and treatment.

On LED display third digit changing from 1 to 2 very frequently. Bedi termed the move as an attempt to force “western solutions” on “Tihar Ashram “, and filed a counter affidavit opposing the demand.

Kiran Digest March 2014

Archived from the original on 15 October When the Delhi Government refused to let her accept the invitation, Bedi lobbied with the Union Home Ministry to get the clearance. When Kiran Bedi booked the PM’s car”.

Asze March 30, at Retrieved 16 October This unofficial inauguration angered many politicians. After her removal from Tihar, Bedi was posted as diegst of training at the police academy on 4 May Bedi vociferously defended her officer’s action.

Retrieved 22 January On 21 January, the police lathi-charged the striking lawyers in Tis Hazari complex.

Mahnama Kiran Digest August Read Online/Download | Pakword

Later, she opened an indoor de-addiction facility for alcoholic policemen. Her superiors told her that they could no longer protect her. However, by the time Bedi became cigest in-charge, its prisoner population varied from 8, to 9, Bedi implemented an open door policy, which encouraged citizens to interact with her.

As the protesters resorted to brick-batting, Bedi charged them with a cane, although there was no tear gas squad to support her unit.