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To ooae the testing for the generated code again select the tools option from menu bar and choose quality architecture option a sub window gets opened. Transaction shown as allows labelled with their event. The download module contains the downloading option for where purpose where we can download,whatever ebook we search and found. Check wheather the book is available in the database.

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What the system will do,the constraint under which it must operate and how the system will react to external stimuli. The update module should maintained by the downolad administrator.

The document gives the detailed description of both functional and non-functional requirements. Email required Address never made public. Then go ahead and select the generate code option as a result of code generation. The Logical architecture is large scale organisation of software class into packages,sub system layer, It is called logical architecture because ther is no direction about how these elements are display on different operating system. Front end Tool — Rational Rose Enterprise suite.

Verify user name and password. It is generalize between two or more specialized diagram.

So, select thse testing option one by one and testing activity is carried out for all the coadings and testing is carried out. A Uml state machine represents the interaction events and states of an object and behaviour of an object in reaction to an event. A domain model is a visual representation of conceptual classes or real situations object in a domain. Communicaton diagram illustrate that object interact on a graph or network format in which object can be downlooad where an thw diagram.

This also containes another pdff called as categories where can select the category of the book. Thechnical service layer describes the relationship between different actors,components of the software process for any admin seek the registration for new visitor. If user is satisfied with this book, can download the book but after payment. Enter details in registration form. Deployement diagram shows the assignment of concrete software artifact to computational nodes.

Hardware — 40 GB segate 3. Ioad Partial layer architecture shows the interface of the sequence diagram, here the administrator shows the interface by displaying actor symbol. Components are slightly fuzzy concept in this Uml,because both class and components can be used to model the something.

A Uml activity diagram shows sequential and parallel activites in a process,work flows,data flows and compiler algorithm. Before downloading the books the adminstrator keep the book sales account correctly and updately.

The search book module contain list of books,from this list we search for the book which we need. A package diagram provides a way to group element.

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Here we have grouped the 6 main elements of software project grouped the in order register,login,serach book. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Sequense diagram is an interaction overview diagram. Then the user is going to download the book.

Notify me of new comments via email. Processor — Intel Pentium IV Psf a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here In this project we have defined different modules to enable the E-Book Management in successful mannner.

Check wheather the transaction is vaild or not wheather the money is in transaction card or cheque is valid or not.